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Make a difference in the lives of complex and at-risk patients

The story of Collective Medical began through the company’s work with hospitals to identify and manage patients with complex needs. By unifying hospitals and care teams through real-time information alerts, patient context, and collaborative plans of care, our technology enables hospitals to help their highest-needs patients and to help them efficiently navigate the healthcare continuum to receive the care they need, when they need, from those best positioned to deliver it.

  • Rapidly identify complex patients in real-time with notifications and actionable care plan information
  • Receive insights—such as prior ED utilization, security concerns, social determinants, prescription histories and advanced directives—at the point-of-care within your existing workflow
  • Make informed decisions regarding medically unnecessary admissions and readmissions
  • Collaborate with the full community care team on a patient’s best path forward

    Learn about EDie for hospital emergency departments and case management.

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