ACOs and Risk-Bearing Organizations

Streamline transitions of care and coordination across diverse care teams

Thrive under value-based models. Collective Medical brings communities of providers and health plans together to determine where to focus their resources, how to collaborate and how to measure the effectiveness of their combined efforts. The result is a movement of impassioned professionals who, sometimes for the first time, feel empowered to make a difference in the care of their highest-needs patients.

  • Gain insights to eliminate avoidable risk and friction from care delivery
  • Engage the entire care team—physicians, community resources, health plans and long-term and post-acute providers—with real-time, intelligently sourced and actionable information on complex and at-risk patients
  • Empower care team members to address complex patients’ social determinants of health
  • Receive real-time notifications when and where patients receive care
  • Achieve improved patient outcomes at lower cost through engaged and informed care teams













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