The Collective Platform

Closing communication gaps to close gaps in care.

The Collective Platform is a lightweight, interoperable communication tool that ensures that high-value clinical insights attach to the patient rather than to an otherwise disparate hospital, provider, or health plan EHR system. This way, wherever the patient goes, her providers are made immediately aware of the most essential information about her clinical visit history in order to make the best decision possible. Even better, they don’t even have to ask for the information; Collective anticipates their needs and notifies them if it has something helpful to share.

Collctive integrates deeply with stakeholders’ existing workflows. It identifies high-risk patients in real time, and it notifies those patients’ providers in real time so that they know who they’re dealing with and how best to provide care. As a result, providers save time by not needing to dig around otherwise disparate, unconnected systems; patients receive more seamlessly coordinated care; and the entire system benefits from a lower cost of care as a result of reductions in medically-unnecessary readmissions, stay duration, and patient work-ups.

In short, Collective:
  • Identifies high-risk patients faster,
  • Anticipates provider needs, and
  • Delivers appropriately-dosed, rapidly digestible insights exactly when they are needed, and in whatever way is most convenient.
This system isn’t burdened by technical specifications, interoperability issues, or any other artificial barrier.
Collective pre-empts a patient interaction with the minimum amount of
information needed to improve an outcome.
Collective pre-emptively manages patient risks in real-time and across the entire care spectrum.
It does this by combining four distinct elements:
Comprehensive Data
Real-time knowledge of every patient encounter across all care venues, independent of network, health plan, hospital, or geography.
Risk Identification
Collective identifies highest-risk patients instantly so that intervention can happen sooner.
Targeted Notifications
Dispatched the instant a triggering event occurs with content specifically tailored to a stakeholder’s workflow.
A single playbook in which to create and share individualized patient workflows across all stakeholders.
Collective Plan

Collective Plan was designed for groups with financial responsibility for the patient, such as ACOs, CCOs, and Health Plans. For those groups, Collective preemptively manages risk by helping you understand exactly where your members go, why they’re there, what their needs are, and what’s being done to help them. It does this in real-time, it plays nicely in the sandbox with your existing IT infrastructure, and it enables you to take much better advantage of your in-network provider base.

Unclear which of your new members is at highest risk of readmission and what to do about it?

Collective maintains a long-term, comprehensive clinical patient meta-history to anticipate and identify risks—based on diagnoses, duplicate insurance, historical visit frequency, etc.—so that you can direct intervention efforts early, and well in advance of building up a claims-based new member risk profile.

Finding out a patient had a preventable ED visit two months too late?

Real-time Notifications don’t just give data, they give actionable insights delivered right where they need to go. Think of them as gentle nudges with just enough information to spur action and start the gears on post-discharge transition and follow-up turning.

Lacking a single playbook across your plan and the providers treating your members?

A common collaboration platform enables real-time communication between health plans and providers. Central to this platform are individualized patient-centric care guidelines containing only the most important information, and that follow patients to all points of care to enable providers to make more informed care decisions. All players operating from the same playbook.

Short on time to digest 100 pages of clinical history?

How about clear and concise eCensus lists instead? Collective can deliver real-time or daily eCensus—with additional event context—according to parameters you set, giving you the ability to automatically identify high-risk members for follow-up care, concurrent review, and targeted patient outreach. Letting you know about every single admit, transfer, observation, or discharge event of interest across your entire population within seconds.

Not effectively using in-network providers to manage your high-risk population?

Automatic coordination of high-risk members through zip code-based in-network provider referrals happen the instant a patient meets criteria, without the manual push from strained case management resources.

Collective Ambulatory

Collective Ambulatory supports those with direct treatment responsibilities for the patient, such as Primary Care Providers, health homes, specialty care clinics, and mental and behavioral health clinics.

As a provider, knowing when your patients have an ED visit or are discharged from inpatient care is critical. They need your help, and you want to help, but if you don’t know about these events when they’re happening, it’s difficult to influence their circumstance to drive a better outcome.

With the Collective Platform, you’ll know when visits and discharges occur in real-time. You’ll also know the context of the visit, and you’ll see any care coordination information added to the patient’s record by hospitals, other providers, and the patient’s health plan.

All of this actionable information is delivered to you the instant you need it by Collective. The system anticipates your needs and delivers only the most relevant information to you, in real time, however you’d like to receive it, without you ever needing to ask. Thus you get to skip wading through complicated systems and hundreds of pages of clinical charts and can, instead, simply provide the care your patients need.

Real-Time Notifications

Knowing when your most complex patients have ED visits, or are admitted or discharged from inpatient care is critical. With Collective, Real-Time Notifications with actionable information are delivered according to the criteria you specify, and sent directly to the locations you specify. All without having to be asked.

Patient Risk Identification

Identifying who your patients at the greatest risk of readmission are can be tricky. The Collective Platform intuitively and automatically identifies those patients most at risk, so you can proactively work with these patients to reduce the likelihood of readmission. Better for you, and better for your patients.

A More Complete Picture

Collective curates data from all points of care and distills that information into actionable provider insights. Having a more complete picture of your patients across the entire care continuum gives you the insight you need to impact better outcomes.

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