What We Do

Our mission is to create solutions that provide organizations with the information they need at exactly the moment they need it to effect real change and improve patient outcomes.

Collective EDie, our emergency department solution, successfully builds large networks of interconnected EDs—think every ED in a state or region—to identify high-risk complex needs patients in real-time. The tool is system and EMR product agnostic, allowing providers to see distilled visit and care coordination information from any ED a patient has been to, not just those within the provider’s network or those with the same EMR, instantly upon patient registration. EDie is high performing and highly effective, and has become an essential tool for hundreds of EDs.

For our health plan clients, the Collective platform was built to identify and stratify risk in a broad population of patients. The tool has enabled health plans to not only identify and track patients within risk cohorts, but also to communicate care coordination information to providers and to hospitals automatically and immediately the instant a patient event occurs, freeing up valuable care manager resources.

Our platform has also been developed to notify providers in real-time when their patients are admitted to and discharged from inpatient care or have emergency visits so that they can put the wheels in motion to prevent readmissions exactly when an event occurs.

Our platform enables truly real-time, refined, and purpose-driven communication across the massive number of providers we get to call our partners. The result is a very cool, very flexible platform by which we deliver the minimum amount of information necessary to impact better patient outcomes, delivered to exactly the right provider exactly when the information is needed.

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Our tool for Emergency Departments that distills the longitudinal patient record down to actionable insights, and delivers those insights immediately upon patient registration via whatever method an ED prefers.

Our solution to identifying risk within a broad population, and to kick-starting the care coordination process from the instant an event occurs. Click to learn about Collective Plan and Collective Ambulatory.

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