Succeed under BPCI
Advanced through
unhindered collaboration

De-risk care transitions with real-time transparency

BPCI Advanced is centered on value

A sequel to the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program, BPCI Advanced is centered on value. The program aims to support healthcare providers who invest in practice innovation and care redesign for the purposes of improving care coordination, boosting quality, and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Gain real-time visibility to track BPCI patients

Through the Collective platform, patients that fall into a BPCI episode will be flagged and care histories will be automatically pushed to care managers, SNFs and other specialists as patients move through the care continuum. These insights are aimed to improve transitions of care, thus reducing avoidable readmissions and length of stay.

Risk-based notifications

The Collective platform pushes targeted, real-time, risk-adjusted notifications to providers. This enables actionable insight for case managers and specialists to engage in care coordination as the patient moves through a care episode.

ED-specific workflows for BPCI Advanced

Collective’s platform works within the differentiated ED workflow. This provides ED providers with care team information, patient insights and longitudinal visibility—all in an alert read in under 60 seconds.

Insights at the point of care:

  • Care team-provided care plans
  • Prescription histories (where available)
  • Insights into social determinants
  • Utilization patterns
  • Advance directives/POLST
  • Security alerts
Improved outcomes:

  • Improve care transitions
  • Increase case management capacity
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Reduce duplicative tests
  • Reduce length of stay (LOS)
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