Connecting Care Teams
in Florida and Nationwide

Collaborative, coordinated care in real time that eliminates friction from care delivery

On May 7, 2018, Collective Medical announced a partnership with the Florida Hospital Association. The partnership facilitates FHA member hospitals’ access to the Collective network and EDie solution, a real-time, risk-adjusted event notification and care collaboration platform.

By helping FHA members identify and support high-risk patients in need and facilitate collaboration of providers across care settings, the partnership aims to reduce avoidable readmissions and further enable state-wide efforts to address the opioid epidemic, and better manage complex patients who frequently seek care in emergency departments.

Care teams in Florida using EDie recieve:

  • Care-team provided care plans
  • Prescription histories
  • Insights into social determinants
  • ED utilization histories
  • Advance directives through POLST
  • Security and safety alerts

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