About Us

Collective Medical is a fast-growing Salt Lake City-based company determined to prove that exceptionally crafted software and passionate healthcare providers and health plans together can make a powerful difference in patients’ lives.

Collective Medical closes the communication gaps that undermine patient care.

With a nationwide network engaged with every national health plan in the country, hundreds of hospitals and health systems and tens of thousands of providers, Collective Medical’s system-agnostic platform is trusted by care teams to identify at-risk and complex patients and facilitate actionable collaboration to make better care decisions and improve outcomes. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Collective Medical’s technology is proven to streamline transitions of care, improve coordination across diverse care teams, and reduce medically unnecessary hospital admissions.


Collective Medical was founded so that patients wouldn’t slip through the cracks. 

It started with Patti Green, an emergency department social worker in Boise, Idaho. In the early 2000’s, she noticed that some of her patients were likely visiting other hospitals besides her own. But she didn’t know where, and she didn’t know who they were seeing. As a result, she couldn’t work with these other providers to deliver the type of care her patients needed. 

At the time, there was little in the way of communication between emergency departments, community social workers and physicians. Patti started putting together a handwritten plan of care for patients she identified with complex needs. Other hospitals heard about this and when one of the patients they suspected might be on Patti’s list showed up to their hospital, they would call down to Patti to coordinate on the plan of care. 

Patti needed to graduate the program beyond paper and pencil. She told her son and his roommate, both computer science students at Brigham Young University, to “write a computer program” to solve the problem. 

You don’t say no to Patti. And so Collective Medical was born.