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Collective Medical is a fast-growing Salt Lake City-based company determined to prove that exceptionally crafted software and passionate healthcare providers and health plans together can make a powerful difference in patients’ lives.

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Collective Medical

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In 2005 one of our Moms—a Master-level social worker—suggested we should fix the problem of medically unnecessary hospital admissions. She’s not someone to whom you say “no”, so we followed her lead and haven’t looked back.

In the hands of our clients, the applications we’ve built simultaneously improve patients’ lives, reduce the expense of their care, and enable scarce healthcare resources to be utilized more efficiently. In other words, while the rest of the healthcare IT community is focused on “disrupting healthcare through innovative, vertically-integrated solutions to make the world a better place,” we’re busy effecting real change and solving real problems.

At our core, we are a close-knit and mission driven crew, singularly focused on deploying cutting-edge technology to improve people’s lives in the world of healthcare. We’re a random mix of talented individuals who have attended a variety of universities, among them BYU, University of Utah and Stanford, and we enjoy a wide range of interests—video games, rock climbing, long-boarding, knitting—but we’re fundamentally united by a common set of core values:

  • We work incredibly hard to deliver exceptional products, and are driven by solving challenging real-world problems.
  • We value accuracy and precision just as much as our healthcare clients do, and we believe in working on a project until it is right.
  • Our word is our bond and we value complete integrity.
  • We are total nerds who love technology and value using it to enable providers to give more appropriate treatment through a broad and transparent picture of their patients at all points of care.